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Robotics Library

Various code packages for my robotics and/or electronics projects. This is generally for Atmel based projects but I've started using the Tin Can Tools Hammer product utilizing a Samsung processor with an ARM9 core.

For Windows
You will need to download and install WinAVR-20090313 first, and install it into C:\WinAVR-20090313. Then download the library source archive and unzip it. It shouldn't matter where you save the library, my examples below will use C:\bcdrl.
The library source tree is set up to use Jam as the build tool. I have supplied a precompiled version in the directory tools/jam/build/ Copy it into some location that is in your PATH environment.
For Linux
Install the gcc-avr and avr-libc packages. I use Ubuntu 9.04 and these packages are available using apt-get. In my case, I'm using gcc-avr version 4.3.2 and avr-libc version 1.6.2.
I've compiled a version of Jam using Ubuntu 7.04 (Linux 2.6, gcc 4.1.2). It is located the directory tools/build/jam.linux.26x86. This version expects lower-case versions of the names for jamfile, jamrules, jamdefs, etc. which is a deviation from the stock version supplied by Perforce. Copy this version into some location that is in your PATH environment.
Once you have everything set-up, open a command prompt and change directory to one of the demo programs e.g. C:\bcdrl\demos\can_mcp2515. Type jam to start building this particular demo. It should automatically build all the required dependencies.

Built-in ADC
Built-in SPI
Built-in UART
Microchip MCP2515
CFAX 128x64 Graphics LCD
Nokia-like 128x128 Color Graphics LCD
VTI SCA3000-D01 accelerometer

Processors Supported
Tin Can Tools Hammer (Samsung S3C2410A)

All code is licensed under a BSD-like license.

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